IT Support

> Contract Support

We offer 3 types of support, allowing you to make an informed choice on the level of that works best for you and your business. The three types of support give you easy to understand cost effective packages, Business IT Support, Remote IT Business Support, and Pay As You Go (PAYG) IT Support

> Remote IT Support

Enables us to work directly on your computer, via the internet, resolving issues and giving support quickly and effectively without having to make a site visit.

> Helpdesk

The helpdesk offers quick and tracked support, whether you prefer to telephone or email – you choose what works best for you. Our dedicated engineers will respond promptly to ensure that issues are resolved as proficiently as possible.

> IT Monitoring

Our team ensures that all your IT equipment is up and performing to the level expected of it. This helps us to proactively support you today, identifying and solving issues before they affect you and your business.

> Backups & Disaster Recovery

We supply and support a mixture of backup solutions, cloud based for files, NAS boxes for local backups and Disaster Recovery (DR), and servers in hosted centres for offsite file and DR backups. A regular and planned backup process is essential to ensure the smooth running of every business. Our approach is to use what you have in situ and over time tweak the setup to improve the processes. You can feel secure in the knowledge that backups are created and monitored allowing your organisation to get up and running quickly and resume normal working following a disaster.

> Hardware & Software

Our team fully support hardware and software within your organisation, from what you have in situ to new products. We offer a wide range of recommended hardware and software to cover all your needs and budgets.