IT Services

> Project Work

Sense IT provides technology management and IT project consulting services. We help with all your business IT projects and requirements, from initial consultations, to planning, tracking and implementing.

> Server Virtualisation

Making the most of your hardware, server virtualisation reduces costs, conserves space and allows for several machines to be consolidated into one server running multiple virtual environments.

> SharePoint Consultancy

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office seamlessly to give your business a versatile document management and storage system. Our team help to exploit SharePoint with the maximum benefit to your business, providing consulting, customising and support.

> Wireless Setup

As more and more of our technology is wireless our team specialises in the set up and use of wireless devices, making sure they work for you in the best way possible.

> Domains & Hosting

Domain ownership and control is very important for all business, we offer the purchase, renewal and management of domains, ensuring you get what you want and taking away your worries. We can transfer domains easily with confidence that your business won’t suffer any down time.  We offer fast and reliable webhosting and can manage the DNS for your domains which gives you space to host your website.

> Data Cabling

Our IT infrastructure service includes data cabling, allowing you to have one dedicated team for each IT job, rather than having the need to outsource. Our aim is to give offer you great service, value for money all under the same job.